Estate Fresh Coffee Roasters

Estate's Fresh Coffee Roasters is a Coorg-based Startup Firm, We supply fresh roasted and custom-grounded Coorg Coffee across India.

We are a high-quality roast-to-order coffee company that sells the best award-winning coffees and blends. You order the type of coffee you want, and we roast it within 24 hours and ship it to your doorstep. We have a life-long passion for sourcing, blending, and roasting delicious coffees.

All of our coffees are roasted after you order - just for you. We pack your coffee immediately after roasting and ship them out to you within 24 hours of roasting to assure ultimate freshness.

Why Coorg Coffee?


One of the most precious natures' gift to mankind is said to be coffee and especially the one grown in the altitudes of Coorg. The coffee from Coorg is supposed to be the world's best mild coffee for it is grown in the shade. The Coorg coffee is noted for its splendid beverages, arousing one's curiosity or interest elusively and stimulating intensity. Not only Coorg almost all the areas where coffee is grown in India is grown only in a shade which results in the coffee being not too acidic and carrying a tropical full-bodied taste and excellent aroma. 


Coorg is most popularly nick-named the 'Coffee Cup of India'. The mountainous area of Coorg is strongly reminiscent of the blend of the aroma of fine Arabica and Robusta and they are supposed to be the world's best coffee. The mainland of Indian coffee is distinguished for its featured monsoon-fed coffee which is mostly grown in the shades of huge Rose Wood, Wild Fig and Jack Fruit trees. The place is not only ideal for coffee but also promotes a distinct eco-system for it is the home for great birds and animals like the Great Indian Pied Hornbill and the Giant Malabar Squirrel which are attracted by the fruit-laden trees with rare flavours and aromas. The month of February is loaded with the aroma of snow-white coffee blossoms, indicating the beginning of the coffee season and by the end of November, we can get to see the great sight of ripe red coffee cherries.